ViewModel Locator

A ViewModelLocator is a class witch is going to map viewmodels to its properties. And on your views you can specify which viewmodel it should use.
It also allows you to use a different viewmodel during design time so you can see mock values while you are building the views.

An example of a ViewModelLocator would be:
public class ViewModelLocator
    private DependencyObject dummy = new DependencyObject();

    public IMainViewModel MainViewModel
            if (IsInDesignMode())
                return new MockMainViewModel();

            return MefBootstrap.Container.GetExportedValue<IMainViewModel>();

    private bool IsInDesignMode()
        return DesignerProperties.GetIsInDesignMode(dummy);
And on App.xaml file you could include as a resource. Define the namespace on the class above and register it on the resources.
    <core:ViewModelLocator x:Key="ViewModelLocator" />
With the locator in your application resources you can refer to it as `{StaticResource ViewModelLocator}` anywhere in your application.
On your view you can then bind the DataContext to a property of the locator:
<Window x:Class="WpfGuide.Views.MainView"
        DataContext="{Binding Path=MainViewModel,
            Source={StaticResource ViewModelLocator}}"
With the example above I will have a mock viewmodel while I’m designing the application:
And real values when I’m running it:

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