Workflowy: A tool for everything, just like Trello

TL;DR; Workflowy is a (free) website where you can take notes and doesn’t matter how big it gets it is still easy to manage. Check it out

Workflowy is a (free) website where you can take notes on lists. It is being really useful for me because I can take notes of steps I take to complete something then when I need it again I can just look at my notes instead of having to figure it all out again. I can also take notes of commands I run so if I need something crazy again I don’t have to figure it out, it is already there.

If you want to try it out you can register with this link

It is a referral link, it means you will get +250 items/month for free (I will get it as well, you can refer your friends to get more items/month).

You can take notes about everything. It is like Trello, works not only for development but works for marketing, cooking, training…

Some things about it:

– You can check items as completed
– You can share a specific list (view only or view & edit)
– You can create lists to any depth
– There are keyboard shortcuts
– It saves automatically


– Step-by-step on how to create a Angular2 project
– Knowledge list

You could also build:

– List to save links (just like Pocket; [checkout this extension](
– Crazy ideas list, take notes and never forget crazy ideas again (there is a mobile app)
– Shopping list
– TODO list when someone joins/leaves group/company/…
– Steps taken to complete a task (remember what was done, commands that you needed…)
– Cooking recipes

Just like Trello there are plenty ways to use it, you just have to figure them out.

So, wanna try it out?


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