Bot for Slack built with TypeScript and node – @genos

You can find the bot project on my Github – slack-genos.


There is a node package called slack that extracts all the Slack API and create functions for each.

npm i -S slack

They don’t provide TypeScript definition files, but we can create on own file under /typings folder.

With that I created a structure to run the bot.

To run the bot you need to define two environment variables:


You can create a bot for your team at

After installing all the dependencies (npm i) you can run the bot with

npm start

Which is going to execute ts-node src/index.ts.

The bot will start and load all files under src/commands and subfolders. All files there must follow a convention: the file should be a .ts and it should have a .md with the same name. The .ts file will be used to execute the command and the .md file will be used to provide help for that command.

If you have a hello.ts file then you need a file. The command will then be hello.

The bot monitor messages in all channels where it belongs and then if the message starts with . it will see if it has any commands with that name loaded. So if you have the hello command and someone types .hello it will run the command.

If someone types .hello -h or .hello --help it will then output the contents of file in the chat the command was received.

There are some sample commands:

  • help: .help or .help subfolder will list all command in the folder
  • msg: .msg @user msg or .msg #channel msg will send a message from the bot to the target
  • random-member: .random-member will pick a random member from the channel and send a message saying they’ve been chosen
  • cats: .cats sends a random cat image

You can create more folders and files to extend the bot.

  • .roll 2d10+4: you can create commands to play RPG, for example something to parse dice rolling
  • .appear: you can create random appear-in rooms without having to occupy a slot integration

Some examples of commands that people use quite often (these are not public commands… yet?):

  • .c: integrates with an API that provides information when people have to clock-in/out and reminds a couple minutes before
  • .wifi: display all networks and passwords

I’m thinking in a way to allow the bot to catch all messages, not just commands, so things like logs will be possible (save over 10k messages in a custom database). I’m also thinking in making a thread that runs every X time to run reminders and other operations that can be run in intervals of time.

If you have ideas and want to share you can post on slack-genos/issues.

Have fun!


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