How to Write a Good Git Commit Message

I’ve read It is a guide on how to make your commit messages look good.

I follow most of it, but not everything. The way they tell us to make commit messages allow us to:

  • Find and revert specific changes
  • Find specific changes that can be applied elsewhere
  • Know when and why things changed
  • and more

The website mentions:

  • Make a clear title message
  • Limit the title in 50 characters (so it can be viewed on terminals without breaking lines)
  • Start the title in UPPERCASE (ex: “Add …”)
  • Do not include punctuation at the end of the title
  • Use imperative mode on title (when you make a merge Git itself creates a commit in imperative mode)
  • After the title you may include a blank line followed by a new line with explanatory text



I also try to always make atomic commits. Commits that can be added and removed without interfering with other things. For example, if my commit message says:

Add a command to say Hello World

Then this is exactly what this commit is going to do if it is included in the repository. And if I remove it should remove only what I said it would add.

This way commits can get smaller and more precise. Giving you more control and a lot more visibility of what is going on.

What do you think? How do you do it?


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