Creating an Angular application with @angular/cli

@angular/cli is a package that allows you to create/run/test/build an Angular application.

You can install it globally

npm i -g @angular/cli

If you run the cli commands in a project that also has the cli installed it will use the project cli version instead.

Why @angular/cli and not my bootstrap?

Well, there are so many things you have to configure to get to the same level… webpack (and all those loaders), webpack-dev-server, jasmine, karma, protractor, tslint, typescript…

If you don’t want everything it creates there is actually a --minimal parameter on ng new.


All commands have a --help that provides a lot of useful information. Also the documentation can be found here.

ng new

ng new is a command that generates an Angular application for you, if you want to use SCSS you have to run with the parameter --style scss.

If you already generated and want to change to SCSS you can edit defaults.styleExt in the file .angular-cli.json, or run the command ng set defaults.styleExt scss. But you will have to rename files manually.

ng generate

ng generate can be used to generate classes, components, directives, enums, pipes, services… It automatically create the files for you.


ng g c login


installing component
create src\app\login\login.component.css
create src\app\login\login.component.html
create src\app\login\login.component.spec.ts
create src\app\login\login.component.ts
update src\app\app.module.ts

ng serve

ng serve builds the app and starts a server, behind the scenes it starts a webpack-dev-server on port 4200.

ng lint

ng lint will run tslint on your application.

ng test

ng test will run your applications tests (.spec.ts files).

ng e2e

ng e2e will run your application end-to-end tests (not the same as ng test).

ng build

ng build will build your application, you can generate production assets by running ng build --prod.

ng get / ng set

ng get will get a value from the configuration (.angular-cli.json). ng set will update a value on the configuration.

ng doc

ng doc will open Angular documentation with the specified keyword.

ng eject

ng eject will extract files and configuration from @angular/cli making it no longer required. It then changes package.json to use webpack-dev-server, webpack, karma and other libraries directly. It also extracts webpack.config.js allowing you to change how the app is built.

ng xi18n

ng xi18n extracts i18n messages from the templates.


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