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An approach to organize actions and reducers on react-redux application

In redux there are actions and reducers.

An action executes some code and sends data to a reducer to update the application state. The application tends to get a bit messy the more actions and reducers you have.

To solve this problem I created this architecture
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Simple lightweight TypeScript 2.0 React Redux Babel Webpack project

I’m never satisfied with bootstraps out there, so I’m always creating some simple ones. Well this one is a bit more complex than the other ones I’ve built because of the complexity of React and Redux.

Check it out at brunolm/ts-react-redux-startup

I recently started using Workflowy (it is free), which is a website where you can create lists and it allows you to use as a brain dump. If you want to check it out you can use this link to get extra items https://workflowy.com/invite/35df8d82.lnx

On my Knowledge List I added things about Redux, Babel, Webpack and everything else…

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